4 + 2 GB RAM configuration


I have a Corsair ValueSelect 4GB 1333 mhz RAM currently installed on my system (H61 Motherboard).. Yesterday, a friend gave away his EVM 2 GB DDR3 RAM to me, but Im skeptical on installing this on my system as improper configurations can cause problems..
Can anyone provide any links how to set up 2 different RAM modules to work on the system.. As far as I can tell both are pretty similar (1333 mhz and CAS 9 latency).. Will I run into any problems if I install that EVM memory ?
Also, will dual channel work if I set this up ? I think for dual channel, I need to have two 4 GB modules but is there any way I can set up dual channel with what I have ?
TY In advance


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you can't get dual channel on this setup..
but u can use both just confirm the Clock timings of both

this is what wiki says:

"Modules rated at different speeds can be run in dual-channel mode, although the motherboard will then run all memory modules at the speed of the slowest module. Some motherboards, however, have compatibility issues with certain brands or models of memory when attempting to use them in dual-channel mode. For this reason, it is generally advised to use identical pairs of memory modules, which is why most memory manufacturers now sell "kits" of matched-pair DIMMs. Several motherboard manufacturers only support configurations where a "matched pair" of modules are used. A matching pair needs to match"
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