Discussion: 3.5" HDD PCB power supply issue - need help


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I have a 3.5"WD Black 2 TB harddisk. 2 yrs old not in Warranty.
Suddenly it had stopped working. I suspected it should be HDD PCB Power Issue.

I am interested in making the HDD work rather than data recovery.

Got it diagnosed though a chip-level repairer, to which the repairer said - issue with the PCB Power .
but he dint open up the PCB.

Can anyone please suggest any good genuine repairer, who can repair the PCB (if its a PCB issue)
I am from Mumbai. anyone from MUMBAI who can help me.. or give any reference ?

I have been to few data recovery guys, but these guys are only interested in data recovery not to repair the HDD.

pls suggest.
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