22inch Monitor for Regular work and Movies


Alakh Niranjan
1. Budget? around INR10000

2. Display type and size? 22inch, full hd

3. What will the TV/monitor be used for primarily? general regular work like internet surfing, reading books and watching movies.

4. Types and number of ports required? HDMI? (MB is ASRock B450 Pro4)

5. Preferred choice of brand? Any good one.

6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? No.

7. Any other info that you want to share. person is using Dell in2020 right now and feel 24inch will be very large so thinking of a 22inch one.


Aspiring Novelist
I was using S2216H, after about 3yrs while it was still in warranty because of an issue I got it replaced with S2319H. As soon as they switched the monitor, I could notice difference of fonts not as sharp as before. My guess was the new one is little bigger, though it's a very small bump it's noticeable for me. Now I got used to it, so no issues. 24" won't be too large, but is the price premium worth it? esp. when the use case doesn't demand or appreciate the extra real estate with 24". So weigh that and decide, personally I have very good experience with dell after sales. But don't see many dell monitors online now.
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Alakh Niranjan
BenQ GW2480 is a popular choice, unless 22" is a fixed parameter for some reason. I think 24" is perfect. Otherwise, GW2283?
thanks. i think this 22 inch was suggested to me by the hardware seller last year when i was getting new system built. iirc he had a curved monitor of benq and suggested me to get the 22inch one.
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