2 little problems

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I am using System Mechanic Pro 5.Using it I applied some Windows tweaks.
After that there is a small trouble.When a menu contains a sub item I have to click on it to expand it.Before that just bringing over the mouse would have expanded it.I want to bring it back.Hope you understand the problem.For example click Start and bringing the mouse over 'Programs' will show the sub items,right?I have to click on 'Programs' to expand it.
Help plz...

The second problem is not connected to System Mechanic.Whenever I open PowerDVD or DivX player,dial-up connection pops up prompting me to connect to internet.Even if I open a html file stored in my computer,this thing happens.What could be the reason?
My OS is Win98.
Help me...


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ist problem go to sys mech-> system tweaks -> look for Menus there and see what teaks u have done i guess there sud be manual/automatic settings etc ..OR install tweakUI ...u can have more comand over ur menus in TweakUI

well for ur second problem

go to control panel>Internet Options>connections>There Under Dialup and VPNsettings u will see 3 options select Never Dial a Connection
thus Xp wont Dial the conn Automatically...Hope it solves your Problem
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