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Looks like I found a spare HDD connected to my desktop. It was there since some time and I forgot about it. It is lying as unallocated space.

I want to know how to use it with the already in-use HDD where I have Ubuntu. It had dual boot Windows 10 which got corrupted during a recent update. I am thinking of install Windows 10 in this spare 500 GB HDD. When I inserted the Windows 10 USB, it is shown as drive 1 while the existing HDD is shown as drive 0 .

Do you think that I should use this disk as GPT ? If yes, how do I do the partition ? I haven't done such things in a while. So GPT, dynamic disk etc sounds alien to me at this point.

It will be great if someone can tell me how I should proceed. If possible, without messing up the data in the first HDD, which is MBR.

Kindly let me know if you need any more info. Thanks.


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Never used more than 1 hdd on my system. But I do have SSD as main drive and HDD as secondary drive.
You would need to keep the hdd in GPT only if you want to use more than 4 partitions. If you are happy with 4 partitions, I dont see any harm keeping it in MBR.

What is "disks" showing your second hdd as? Is it coming as '/dev/sdb'?
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