1. tamatarpakoda

    Forgot your iPhone password? Ask Siri for it!

    While Apple and the FBI fight it out in the courts over iPhone's encryption policy, a young lad shows the world a much easier way into getting a locked iPhone's password. Source: TheLadBible
  2. R

    Need a mobile around 6-7k

    Hi, I need a touch phone around 7k. Preference is for a dual sim phone. I'm not a heavy gamer. Will be using it for surfing along with GPS use. Decent battery back-up is also required. I had shortlisted Samsung Galaxy Young S6312. If there is any other phone please suggest from...
  3. theserpent

    Galaxy young and fame unveiled

    Samsung unveils Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News Are you kidding me? Samsung please define what but improved Specs mean? #FAIL again If fame is priced anything more than 10k its a no no go
  4. Desmond

    Data thieves use four year olds to steal their parents' data

  5. G

    India has exam system, not education system

    'India has exam system, not education system' - The Times of India Whats your take?:idea:
  6. Z

    Trailer: 'Tere Bin Laden'

    Hi !! Would you do anything to pursue the American Dream? 'Tere Bin…' is the story of a young reporter who does it his way
  7. pr.itdude

    59 yr old "YOUNG" Mr. Bhagwat

    Mr. Bhagwat is the new RSS chief after K S Sudarshan stepped down and announced his retirement. Mr. Sudarshan said young people should come forward and take major positions although he might be true as he retired at around 80 and the new chief is mere 59 yrs old.......actually young as...
  8. gaurav_indian

    Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet

    Householders to be charged for each flush of toilet,21598,24659589-5005369,00.html What if this happens in india?Govt can collect billions of money as a tax if the below article is true.:lol: 'My life(meri nahi bhai Rewa Raam ki) cleaning...
  9. Gigacore

    Internet Addiction Test - Online

    This is something interesting I came across. Take a test ...get the results and post it here :p My score: 71 :-?
  10. nvidia

    India Win U-19 World Cup!!

    The title says it all... Congratulations to our young team!!:)
  11. mavihs

    Pravah Fun Camp

    Has any1 been on Pravah Fun Camp? For people who don't know wat Pravah is:- Pravah is an Indian non profit organisation founded by a group of young professionals with a view to influence societal issues.They are dedicated to equipping young people with skills essential to building...
  12. sarbon-oxley

    should we talk peace with pakistan?

    guys what should we do:confused: .Thousands of soldiers and innocent civilians have been killed in our j&k :mad: .even though i have never been to that state for that matter never even been to any north indian states its still part of my country.And seeing how punkistan :D supports these...
  13. praka123

    Young warned over social websites

    Millions of young people could damage their future careers with the details about themselves they post on social networking websites, a watchdog warns. The Information Commissioner's Office found more than half of those asked made most of their information public. Some 71% of 2,000 14 to...
  14. ax3

    Famous Five Toons ! ! !

    London: There never were any lashings of ginger beer when the original Famous Five went adventuring. That was the creation of the spoofFive Go Mad in Dorset. But everything else about Enid Blyton’s young friends and their jolly scrapes is to get a new lease on life in the first animated series...
  15. infra_red_dude

    India wins T20 match against Aussies!!

    Great going India. We are proud of the young indian team!! :)
  16. R

    ICL vs BCCI

    you all probably know whats going on between these two. personally i support ICL coz we all know that leagues have taken many sports to popularity highs.imagine sachin transfered to a club for 50crore rs.we could see so much drama and gr8 breeding ground for young talent.instead of waiting...
  17. αNerd

    The IT Professional

    Got this as a mail fwd. Once upon a time there was a shepherd looking after his sheep on the side of a deserted road. Suddenly a brand new Porsche screeches to a halt. The driver, a man dressed in an Armani suit, Cerutti shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, TAG-Heuer wrist-watch, and a...
  18. R

    Salary rise

    Anyone interested to share their average salary rise for last one year, to give sort of idea of salary rise to all young software engineers. I got rise of around 10000/month this year
  19. anandk

    Gmail Users are Younger, Richer, Good in Bed

    Gmail Users are Younger, Richer, Good in Bed "While Yahoo and Hotmail users are decidedly average, Gmail users tend to be young, have a high income, and be early adopters of technology. 54% of users are between 18 and 34, while 18% have an average annual household income between $100,000 and...
  20. drsethi

    How Young is Your Heart?

    How Young Is Your Heart? World Heart Day, Sunday September 24th 2006 A healthy heart is vital for living life to the full, regardless of your age or gender. Controlling the major cardiovascular risk factors, by choosing a healthy diet, being physically active and by not smoking can prevent...
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