How Young is Your Heart?

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How Young Is Your Heart? World Heart Day, Sunday September 24th 2006
A healthy heart is vital for living life to the full, regardless of your age or gender. Controlling the major cardiovascular risk factors, by choosing a healthy diet, being physically active and by not smoking can prevent heart attacks and strokes and may help the heart to age more slowly. That's why this year's World Heart Day, under the theme "How Young is Your Heart?", will encourage people around the world to adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle to help maintain a young heart for life.
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Wise Old Owl
For a Healthy Heart

* Do physical exercises like jogging, running, aerobics etc.,

* Eat healthy food rich in protein & vitamins, less in cholestrol,& oil

* Reduce stress in everyday life.

* Reduce worries & tension

* Quit smoking, even passive smoking is dangerous!!

* Reduce Alcohol intake

* Be Happy & cheerful.

Yes, our Heart is a very important organ. And it must be properly taken care of,
for a better healthy & longer life. @DrSethi (Cardiologist) has a very good point.


Lin Win Mac
Why dont everyone try SURYANAMASKARAS?
It keeps us fit and doesnt take more than 15 min to do 24 Rounds.
It is the best exercise i ever did.


hey i am young (13) so my heart must be young
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