1. P

    Help on Installing Windows 7

    I have 3 partition in my HDD C:\ ==> Windows XP SP2 D:\ ==> Backup Partition E:\ ==> For Experiment (Currently having my primary OS Win XP SP3) Now i want to install windows 7 on C:\ without disturbing XPSP3 on e:\ So that finaaly I will able to Boot in Windows 7 (on C:\) and SP3 on...
  2. bhushan2k

    Damm Virus

    hey guys....plz help me yar.....there is virus entered in my comp....plz tell me how 2 remove it....i had connected my frnd'z mp3 player 2 my comp a wk ago...n after that i realized virus entered into my comp...i hv installed xpsp3 n installed bitdefender total security 2008 trial...i...
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