1. Ecko

    What is purpose of # in C

    We'll guyz I'm sill noob at C & this sem is just over k just a small ques. What is the purpose of # I know its a pre-processor but if someone can clearly xplain what is is Xplain in as much lines as u can & i'm ready to read all Ya I know many of u'll say C suc*s but u know its worth 100 marks...
  2. naveen_reloaded

    Operating System On PS3

    Hi all.. i have recently biought ps3.. and found a option in menu to install other os.. is here a way to install os ?? if soo.. can anyone xplain.. ihave ubuntu cd.. and also vista...
  3. J

    XML help ?

    i want 2 know in XML when we write code for inserting the image & also 2 link .In web page am not getting the hyperlink and image also can u xplain me 4 that.
  4. EagerBeaver

    Web 2.0 ??????????

    Wat is this WEB 2.0. Ples try to xplain me. WEB 1.0 ? And i red somewhere WEB 3.0 is on the way ????????????????????????????
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