1. bajaj151

    Wagon R or Santro Xing

    Please advice... Budget : Rs. 3,50,000 /-

    Should i buy the Santro Xing XK?

    HI all... im thinking of buying a new Santro Xing XK, Which is priced at 282,181 (ex-pune showroom).. plzz givme some info on this car.Is my choice a good one, and are there any other good models available in the price range within 3lacs? Ive also heard that the santro has maintenance...
  3. Y

    Xing player doesnt play files?

    hello every one i have xingMPEG player 3.2 [along with xing driver] but it doesnt play any of the files if i choose to play with xing it shows this message "The xingMPEG driver is currently busy. please close all Mpeg files in any other application and try again"" if i dont open any...
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