1. Desmond

    Microsoft to retire Messenger, replace it with Skype

  2. anandk

    FREE WLM Msngr emoticons.

    nice free wlm msngr emoticons *www.messengeremoticonsdownload.nl/ click on the red 30 button to download the installer. u have to make simple guesses as far as the language go :D > changed my ff home pg and search engine, but my default ie was untouched ...so take care ;-)
  3. Vishal Gupta

    DID YOU KNOW? Windows Live Mail BUGs & Goof-ups

    UPDATE: Don't forget to visit following similar threads: DID YOU KNOW? IE7 BUGS & Goof-ups DID YOU KNOW? Windows VISTA Facts & Goof-ups NOTEPAD BUG: Found by Vishal Gupta a.k.a. Mr. Vista Hi guys I'm using Windows Live Mail (Previously known as Windows Live Mail Desktop) since many months...
  4. fanatic

    Windows Live Messenger (WLM)

    Howdy, all you guys I dont know if it would be correct to post this question here. I downloaded Windows Live Messenger from 2 websites 1.) From the MSN Messenger website *get.live.com/messenger/overview Direct download links are...
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