1. S

    Earphones withing 1.5k

    Hi Guys, I would like to get a good earphone for my 1+1... nothing flashy just for casual music listening(something which is not bass heavy). I am up for over the head headphones as well but comfort is necessary for longer use in both the cases. Please suggest within a budget of 1.5k.
  2. sam_738844

    Need Gaming PC withing 50K

    Dear all, Please suggest a PC configuration withing 50 which will allow me play recent titles like NFS MW2, AC3,Dishonored, Black Ops 2, Far Cry3 at high settings with decent FPS. I wont be using any graphic-heavy applications and also I will surely prefer windows 7 64bit as OS. I am not...
  3. papul1993

    Webcam under 2k budget

    Hi, I want to buy a webcam withing 2k bucks. Please suhhest a good one. Thanks
  4. Faun

    Budget VFM laptom needed

    I need a decent config (casual gaming, linux support) under ~30k. As I have to buy one withing this week so please help me choose the best one. I am in Bangalore. Thanks
  5. Angad singh

    Virus problem

    Guys yesterday i was surfing on net and had my external HD connected to my lappy... i opened sum site and clicked on sign up and withing 5 sec my pc got shutdown and wen i restarted, it again got shutdown withing 5 min i got my lappy fixed by using system restore... but how can i fix my HD its...
  6. E


    can some one reccomend a good one withing 25 k max want blue tooth (Broad band and stuff liek that) Good camera .... and all other fnctions...... i am planning to get 8800 is it a god one ? is samsung d 600 in market ? Please reply
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