1. dashang

    Need help in Statistics problem

    Two teams A and B are playing a series of 5 matches. The team who wins the three or more matches will win the series. Assume that the outcome of the matches are independent and probability of winning for each team is 0.5. What is the probability that A will win 4 matches? 0.16 0.0016 0.97...
  2. P

    Yipee, Nokia Calling all Innovators contest is back

    And it has wider scope this time, much wider. It now includes Internet innovations as they relate to mobiles and Flash applications too. Prizes include Cash (worth more than $250,000); The opportunity to demo your winning application at a Nokia specified event this Fall...
  3. jxcess3891

    So who really deserves the oscar ?

    Check out the link: * It's not that I'm not proud of an Indian winning an international award but what bothers me as to how it's achieved. Its really a shame to know that someone puts in all his hard work and sweat into piecing together a composition, only to...
  4. pra_2006

    [Spoiler Alert] Good News for JOHN CENA fans

    I remember when he got injured i said dont worry he will make his comeback with a BANG and i was right he made his return shockingly and suprisly at Royal Rumble and winning the Royal Rumble match beating HHH i am so much happy :) what u guys say
  5. praka123

    !!!dude!Prakash won Microsoft Lottery!!! =)

    Hi ALL, I won a Lottery from...Microsoft :D and that too for me- Linux user. got this in my yahoo inbox!.obviously is a spam.but interesting :lol: ************************************************** From:"microsoft lottery"...
  6. darklord_2007

    winning eleven pro evolution soccer 2007

    hey i have installed winning eleven pro evolution soccer installed fine. but i wanted nocd patch for the game .does anybody have it?:(
  7. techtronic

    Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 ships out

    Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today announced that its critically acclaimed, championship caliber soccer game -- Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 -- has shipped to retail stores nationwide. The long-standing series, a favorite of soccer fans around the world, makes its...
  8. wizrulz

    Which is better out of, winning eleven or fifa06?

    Which is better out of, winning eleven or fifa06? I have grownup playing all fifa series. :) . But this time i am considering other options as fifa doesn't brings much of difference in its every year series.( at least i feel that). U can also suggest any other football game if its better...
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