1. vasulic

    windows-XP home with sp2 original to Windows XP pro with sp1 o

    I have windows-XP home with sp2 original now i want to upgrade to Windows XP pro with sp1 original.If i upgrade will i lose my datas?. will i have to format my HDD again?
  2. linardni

    Autopatcher vrs Service Packs

    Are Win-XP Autopatchers the same as Windows-XP Service Packs? What's the difference, if any.
  3. D

    help me making complete win-xp with sp1???

    dear friends, i have a bootable disk of windows-xp and also i have a setup of service-pack1 how can i combine both of them to make one bootable cd which have windows-xp eith sp1. can you help me....
  4. D

    help with my booting speed...urgent..

    dear friends, i have just buyed a P.C with a follwing cunfiguration: p4 -3.0 intel original 915gav motherboard 256(400 fsb) ram, then also booting speed of windows-xp with service pack1 is slow, how can i solve this problem ? plz help......
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