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  1. gdebojyoti

    Recording my WP8 device screen

    Is there any free screen-cast software available for Windows Phone 8? Alternatively, is there a way to view from my computer (Windows 7) what ever is going on in my phone screen live. I can then record my computer screen, indirectly capturing the phone's screen.
  2. T

    How to clean up Phone Memory (Other Folder)

    Need Help: How to clean up Phone Memory (Other Folder) in Nokia Lumia 520 Windows Phone After installing some apps in my Nokia Lumia 520 Windows phone, which I have found no more usable for me, I have deleted all those apps. But after del/uninstalling those apps from phone, memory showing...
  3. gdebojyoti

    Beginning a music player app for Windows Phone 8

    Just got my first Windows Phone (a Lumia 520). One of the reasons for getting it was developing my own WP8 apps. I would like to start with music player app - one that can play mp3 files from phone memory and SD card, arrange songs according to name, albums and artists, create playlists, and...
  4. Flash

    Lumia 520 : Discussion thread

    Lumia 52X : Discussion thread Lumia 520 - The most affordable Nokia Windows Phone Powered by Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 520 comes with exclusive digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, 512 MB RAM and a touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves. Nokia finally won a...
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