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  1. C

    Need advice to buy a 1.5 ton AC

    Hellos Everyone ! Just joined forum yesterday. I Need AC for my room : Length X Breadth X Height : 18 ft X 10 ft X 10 ft (with one 10 ft X 10 ft wall and rooftop exposed directly to sunlight) windows : 6ft X 6 ft Budget : 40k (Stretchable) Usage : About 4 months only in...
  2. E

    need a wifi router under 3k

    hey guys i need a wifi router.i will use this router with my bsnl broadband and my digisol adsl modem.this router should be able to cover an area of 50 feet(actually there are two floors.on first floor it should cover about 25 feet with multiple walls and the distance to second floor is 50...
  3. N

    Belkin N600 Dual Band Router - Feedback from current users

    Hey there everyone. Does anyone out here personally use the Belkin N600 Dual Band Router ?(Latest version, the piano black one). I am planning to get one of these. Retails for 3500 and I read quite a lot of reviews. Lots of mixed responses. No reviews by indian users. It would help if routers...
  4. ithehappy

    Great Website's for Best Desktop Walls

    Please share it here. Done googling...:)
  5. Techn0crat

    Need name of cs map.

    there is one small cs map.like for 4-6 players.It has got ramps and only pistols are allowed.(weapons can't be bought). has many small walls too. can anyone tell me name or link for it? Thanks.
  6. anish_sha

    Urgent Help : MAX Range ROUTER

    Hi guys.. i am presently using DATAONE internet service and i am using the type-2 modem(UTStarcom) given by BSNL on rental basis; im not at all happy with its performance .. im not even getting 10 m range with one wall in between... so im planning to buy a wifi router with the MAXIMUM range,mine...
  7. R

    HOME ?

    I wanted to know whether any softwares exist that can help me plan the construction of my HOME in 3D. It should help me to create walls, design floors, use lights, use furnitures, etc....
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