1. chicha

    lost planet help

    i am at this level where i have to defet "the green eye" its the 6th chapter i think. now i am not able to do it and its driving me crazy, i read some walkthroughs but they are no help tried some trainers too. does this game have the old fashion cheat codes? how do i kill the damn thing?
  2. V


    Hi Friends, I hope many of you know what the word Walkthroughs means. There are many gaming site that provides walkthroughs of PC Games. But is there is any site that can give the video walkthroughs of PC Games..??? I needed that. Please give me the the site name.. Awating for help and...
  3. U

    help in aladdin

    I've got stuck in aladdin nasira's revenge. I want its walkthroughs and hints from A2Z. Please, tell me where I can get the walkthroughs..... :cry:
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