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  1. channabasanna

    Cost of M2 Memory Card for W200i

    Hi All, Recently we got Sony Ericisson W200i for my brother, by default the memory card given was 128MB, now he needs to buy 2GB Card, this Saturday. I got to know that 1GB M2 Card costs 990 @ themobilestore.in, but not for 2GB card. So friends do let me know the cost. I am in Bangalore.
  2. Sooraj_digit

    NO thump in W200i !!

    Hey guys.... I m using Sony Walkman W200i phone... and i m not that impressed by the quality of the earphones especially the clarity and depth in trebles and its loudness or whassay quiteness......:D So... some one please suggest me good earphones which i can use with it as an...
  3. quadroplex780

    How to access wap with Reliance sim on Sony ericson w200i?

    Hi I want to know how can I access wap on my Sony ericson w200i walkman phone with the reliance sim. I also want to know how can i access GPRS internet?? Any help is welcome:).
  4. saqib_khan

    Which Mobile under 5k.

    Hi, My budget is 5k max. I m considering to buy LG KG 195, LG KP 220 or W200i. My requirements r good music quality, fm, bluetooth. I m very very much attracted to W200i, u know y?? Just because of 4 colours. I like the white 1 very much, but w200i doesn't have bluetooth. I m...
  5. Renny

    SE w200i query.

    Hi, My friend just bought a Sony Ericsson w200i, He wants a tool to lock his messages(inbox etc) with a password and a tool to lock his phone with a password.
  6. M

    torrent software

    can anybody tel a software to download torrents in w200i phone
  7. M

    emails in w200i

    hello how can i download my emails in my w200i phone in messages>emails>inbox i tried bus the message comes that server not found:confused:
  8. prateek_san

    How to use themes with .swf ? in w200i

    How to use themes with .swf ? in w200i guys pls help me.... i have some awesome themes with me ....i can see the themes as a pic but cant use or install them.....
  9. S

    SE K750i or W200i ?

    :confused: anyone please guide me. Music is the primary need.But i am confused. My friend told me that, as for the speakerphone, W 200i has louder and better sound than K 750i, but for headphone k750i is better than W200i, IS THAT TRUE? :confused:
  10. S

    Music Mobile -Is W200i good enough?

    I want to buy a cell phone which allows me to listen good music quality,has good bundled ear phones & a good FM tuner.My budget is around 5-6K. I have singled out SE's W200i.Does it fit my requirements ? Which other alternative phone provides features similar to W200i, but also has bluetooth ?
  11. Ambar

    how to lock w200i with password

    hey can anyone plz tell me how i can lock my w200i with a particular..password..like the keyguard code in nokia phones...is there any application paid or free to do so..please tell..i really need it..thnks...and is it possible to loack each and avery feature like in motorola sets??:confused:
  12. A

    help ! suggestion needed !!

    hi ppl.. digit has always helped me and i thank all members here for doing that! just that i have one more question. my budget is 7.5k and i don't want to spent even a 100 more. i m planning to get a good mobile and i ve narrowed down to 5300. any other suggestions ? the thing is i would like...
  13. M

    Price of display card of w200 i sonyericsson mobile

    Hi all , I want to know the cost of sonyEriccson Display card in banglore. model number is w200i sonyEricsson . If any one knows please give me replay. Thanks, Sharif.
  14. bhushan2k

    suggest mobile for 6.5k

    Hi frnds. My uncle wants a mobile phone. n d budget is 6.5 k. prices on mobilestore.in: Nokia 5200 @ 6269 Samsung E250 @ 6449 SE W200i @ 6699 plz sugget from above list or other
  15. H

    What should I go For?

    My budjet is around rs 6500/- and i am in confusion to buy a mobile. Should i go for w200i or please anyone help me on this.:p
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