1. bukaida

    How much space req for VS2005 SP1

    I am trying to install SP1 on VS2005 professonal on my laptop.I am having 2.5GB free on drive C.But after some time it is showing low disk space.The entire VS2005(under custom install)has taken 2.3GB.How a service pack is demanding more space than it?
  2. midhunmon

    Visual Studio 2005

    I want to install Visual Studio 2005 on my system.Can anyone tell me the exact HDD space (not the typical value)taken by the installation. Which types os VS 2005 r out in the market? Can u upgrade .net framework 2.0 to 3.5 on VS2005? Also what is the diff between VS2005 and Visual Basic 6.0 .
  3. K

    Visual Studio 2005 Doubt. MSDN Subscribers please reply.

    I have been monitoring the releases of Visual Studio 2005. I am very much interested in VS2005 and have some doubt regarding them. I would request the MSDN Subscribers who have access to VS2005 releases to clear them. I know that the Express Editions are free versions. (Please let me know...
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