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  1. A

    Need a 60K Moniterless PC for Virtualization.

    Hello People, (Date Question Posted: 6 June 2015) I am trying to build a pc solely for running vmware machines(atleast 2-4 at a time using 2gb RAM each running Linux OS) and editing small videos for youtube (may be one or 2 videos a month). Being able to play latest games and watch HD movies is...
  2. W


    hi dudes can u tell me about intel VT (virtualisation technology) and amd V
  3. M

    Linux Installation Problem!

    I have been using Linux for quiet some years (Dual boot system: Win Xp and Linux). I recently saw an article on virtualisation using VMwizard and VMPlayer and thought of giving it a try. But after installation I found that combining Windows and linux was not easy and thus thought of reverting...
  4. doom_marine

    Hardware Virtualisation

    I am planning to do a seminar on the topic Hardware Virtualisation, it would be nice if some people could point out the link i require plsss...
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