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  1. G

    Can I use Entropay to transfer funds through Paypal?

    I am thinking of linking my SBI or BOB Int. DC with Entropay. I checked and saw that Entropay VCC is accepted on paypal. Will there be any scope for problems/issues with this method?
  2. Y


    hi how many of u guys use entropay vcc to buy games online.... i got entropay vcc because my indian debit card is not accepted.... i want to know how many of u people actually use entropay to buy a game on origin!! i have been trying to register it to origin account but it says your credit card...
  3. The Conqueror

    SBI Debit Card Query

    Can we use SBI Debit Card in PayPal? If yes,How ? Can we use it as VCC? Thanks in advance :razz:
  4. Kniwor

    All VCC related trades

    It's been seen that a lot of people are selling VCC, suppressing all other forms of trade and some members also doing business, which is not acceptable, however, we don't want to completely do away with VCC trading because that would contrast to the whole motive of the section. So here's the...
  5. T

    What is a VCC ?

    anyone please explain in detail whats a VCC and whats its benifit..
  6. A

    Yahoo Voice $25,$50 and VCC for PayPal, Adwords

    I am selling Yahoo Voice $50 Accounts for $35 Yahoo Voice $25 For $15 VCC For PayPal = $5.40 VCC For Adwords/Ebay = $4 I accept Paypal and egold contact me on: vcc_seller@yahoo.com [messenger]
  7. A

    Any VCC buyers here ?

    Hi Guys, I sell vcc to verify PayPal, Ebay and Adwords If any vcc buyer is here then contact me on yahoo messenger: vcc_seller or pm me :D
  8. A

    help !! paypal and VCC doubts

    hi guys.. i use paypal and i am planning to withdraw funds from it. but since this is the first time i'm withdrawing from it i m actually a little scared. so could use help and guidance from you ppl... the situation is this... 1. i'm an unverified member at paypal and so i recently attached a...
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