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  1. R

    need help in vb 6 programming

    so there is this school project i am developing i made a mistake and started and completed all the form in vb 10. and then my teacher told me that i require to redo the project in vb6, so i was wondering if there is any way to copy all the forms from vb 10 to vb 6 as it is
  2. P

    Access and VB6

    Hi friends, I am developing an application using VB6 and Access using ADO But the textboxes in Vb is showing incomplete info. like first five character of name, phone no. etc. Kindly let me know how can I correct it!
  3. ajaybc


    I have made a database in oracle with the fields Name and marks. Iam making a frontend program in VB6 for inputting values into it. But it is VB is showing syntax error.Please help
  4. M

    Any place where i can download vb6 ???

    since vb6 is no longer supported by micro i can't find any links for downloading vb6 ..now i dont wanna use visual studio ... so will anyone be kind enuf to guide me where i can find it ???
  5. A

    nb.net info needed

    If you make a exe in vb.net can you run it on a system not having .net framework like vb6 programs?
  6. A

    VB6 Help pls...

    How to connect a list box to a access database so that the list is populated with the data in the access table for VB6 ? :confused:
  7. H

    Rate my little software

    This is a simple bit calculator, which i made long ago in 2004 using vb6, thought...would be nice to share it. :) http://rapidshare.com/files/49086694/BitCalc.rar
  8. P

    Printing Form in VB 6

    How to print a form in vb6 ? how to set the printer option in vb6 ?
  9. A

    To use MS ACCESS (XP) data file in vb6 project

    Dear friends, I am learning VB6. I have MS OFFICE XP installed in my home computer. In VB6, while I use Ms access (Mdb) data file, vb give error. If the same data file is converted in access97 format, my vb project works in VB fine. Please guide me, how I use MS ACCESS (MDB) data file of...
  10. O

    how to convert c code to dll for use in vb6

    i need to know how to convert c code into dll for use in vb6
  11. R


    Hi I have joined company where VB6 is used in developing games, I want to know is there any scope left for VB6 programmers. Should I leave this job now and join .NET company or I should work here for sometime and then to think of move.
  12. digiFriend

    vb6 and mssql server7 (can't update,database or object is read-only)

    vb6 and mssql server7. (both software are in same desktop pc) whenever "add'button is pressed it give "3027" error. RUN-time error '3027' can't update,database or object is read-only how to update database . it show dynaset type recordset in vb ADD-Ins-visual data manager,from there also...
  13. sms_solver

    Code for convertin num to words

    Can somebody provide the code or link to convert numbers into words eg: 5322--> Five Thousand, Three Hundred and Twenty Two I am asking this, because I have made a class for this kind of conversion in VB6. My code is nothing more than 90 lines. I want to compare mine code with some ones...
  14. A

    PHP MySQL can we have some other combination

    I am learning to use two open source softwares, php and MySQL. But now I want to use MySQL with VB6. Is it possible? I have used VB access before.
  15. V


    hi there forks, i m using VB6 and officexp(2000) but i m unable to build a conection string via adodc and data control box neither by properties nor by coding for any access data base, but it makes with biblio.mbd and other access file present in vb98 folder.Access show these files of older...
  16. A


    Helo, I am not able to use VB6 as front end for MS Access 2000 & above. But it is accepting MS Access 97 for data source. Pl tell me what is the problem & give me solutions also.. My PC Pen IV with 256MB RAM.
  17. sms_solver

    How to change the BorderColor in VB

    I am using VB6 for a while for creating several application. Now I have a problem, i want to change the border color of textbox or listbox to make it more like in winxp, but vb6 does not allow it do change it through properties box. is there any way or Windows-API way to fulfil my task...
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