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  1. V

    Please suggest a good Power supply of 600-700 watt. under 3000 Rs for HD 7770.

    Hello. My specs are : intel core i3 3210 2 GB Ram Motherboard : ECS H61H2-M10 v 1.0(ECS Web Site > H61H2-M2 (V1.0)) I think 6 pin power connector is needed for HD 7770. My current PSU - beetel Bt-450 Do not has 6 pin power connector, it is noisy too.
  2. sona

    PCIe x16 v2.0

    I have seen some motherboards feature a PCIe x16 v2.0 port these days. What additional benefit does this offer over the PCIe x16 v1.0 if I use a mid-range GPU like 9600 GT or HD 4670.......???
  3. jal_desai

    WallPaper Changer .... New Version!!!

    Hello all... earlier i have uploaded the Wallpaper Changer. but users demanded something more... :) so this is the all new modified version of the Wallpaper Changer v1.0 CHANGES: 1). Support for more image formats like TIFF, PNG,etc. 2). RAM usage reduced by 20%. 3). Shuffle option...
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