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  1. G


    MY SYSTEM CONFIGURATION ARE: CORE i3 PROCESSOR 3GB RAM WINDOWS 7 HOME BASIC 64 BITS I want to know why µTorrent is not supporting my system. also please tall how to down load µTorrent which supports my configuration.
  2. Tenida

    Help regarding µTorrent

    I am having windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit,Kaspersky internet security 2011.I am using µTorrent latest version to download whenever I am download something it give me a error [the requested operation cannot be performed on a file with user-mapped section open] and download is stopped. How can I...
  3. ashu888ashu888

    Is there sumthing wrong with (µTorrent 1.6+tpb) combination lately?

    Ok guys, I have µTorrent ver1.6 and off late o hv been experiencing a "A Socket operation was attempted to an Unrechable network" error..in TRACKER STATUS field ?? :confused: is anyone else facing this very same problem with tpb t**rents+uTorrent conbination from the past 2-3days...?? plz do...
  4. hjpotter92


    For two or three moths, when I click on install on this µTorrent, spybot installation starts. I have to roam to the essentials folder to install it.
  5. ashu888ashu888

    µTORRNT: How to Add List of Active TRackers??

    Huys, I wanted to know that How can I add a list of Active Trackers in my µTORRENT ? if there is any option of that sort ?? (to ge better speeds)... Here is a list of Active Trackers tha i wanan add (if it can be added) in µTORRENT: h ttp://tk.comicat.com:80/announceh...
  6. ashu888ashu888

    PORT FORWARDING for D-Link DSL-502T Router,for MTNL users

    -=-=-=-Port Forwarding for D-Link DSL-502T Router,Complete Procedure for MTNL Users-=-=-=- Ok people, here is a Tutorial (which is a compilation of many of my searches through google). so I thought of making this tutorial which now covers the MTNL's D-LINK Router model: DSL 502T Ok, enough of...
  7. sam_1710

    µTorrent mUI

    µTorrent mUI is a mobile version of WebUI, that enables you control your torrents remotely from anywhere. It works on every mobile, including Opera Mini. Free, fast and very useful. Release Date: July 25, 2007 Source : http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=576309 Orig...
  8. rakeshishere

    µTorrent Query?

    How to Get "Update Tracker" Option when µtorrent is minimized in the SYSTEM TRAY?I Get deafult options shown in µtorrent but want this extra option...So is it possible with any extra addon or softie?..see the scrnshot on my query
  9. G

    Need task scheduler to achieve the foll stuff

    I have win xp (tiny xP)...which doesnt have a task scheduler. and i use MTNL Triabnd Night UNlimited scheme (12am-8pm unlimited d/l ) So i need an application to do the following for me : (Note: since im awake at 12 am...so rebooting at that time is not an issue...) i) pause all µTorrent...
  10. rakeshishere

    µTorrent 1.6 Final

    Micro-Sized Yet Feature Filled Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint...
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