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    plz help mw

    I am Useing sony xperia x10i i routed my but how can i unlock bootloader plz tell me any one i much but no result i am useing 2.3 ginger bread
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    Question about Patches

    Can I make a full version game from demo by useing patches.plz help.
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    how 2 get remote desktop

    hi i want to get remote desktop in my desktop,i am useing windows2000 proffesional.pls help me
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    red hat don't have drivers for S3 ProSavage DDR KM266

    i'm useing AMD 2000+ with MSI mother board with S3 ProSavage DDR KM266 with 256 MB Ram . i have 2 HDD 80 and 40 GB. now i'm try to install Red Hat on my 40 Gb Hdd, i'm using gui base installer. in hardware detection its install my graphic card as S3 ProSavage DDR KM166, i thinks it don't have...
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