1. A

    First Year CSE, questions about Linux/Unix and Old pc

    >I am very interested in self learning everything I can about computers. [I already learnt basics of C++ and have ordered Head First Java ] >I came across this site: What every computer science major should know and decided to follow it beginning by learning C along with UNIX/LinuX for which i...
  2. A

    booting procedure of unix/linux

    can anyone give me a link for booting procedure of unix/linux?
  3. santu_29

    ...unix simulator...? help

    is it possible to practice unix commands on windows without actually installing unix/linux, by using something like a simulator? are there any good unix simulators available?
  4. J

    Linux Shell programing

    Hi All, Plz tell me, where i get the good tutorial on Unix/Linux Shell Programing... :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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