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  1. O

    Panasonic TH-49CX400DX UHD TV not playing 4K videos over USB

    I have tried H.264 (AVC and AAC) with .mp4 container I have also tried H.265 I have converted videos using Pavtube HD Video Convertor to different profiles (Panasonic TVs, Matroska Videos and a few custom made Matroska profiles). None of these worked My TV, for the record, does play Matroska...
  2. I

    Has anybody used/ bought Vu (65) 163 cm Premium UHD SMART LED TV (LTDN65XT800XWAU3D) ?

    Hi, I was curious to know if anybody has any experience with the new HDR Vu TVs that were launched in September 2016. I am not talking about their Iconium Series, but the newer set of 4 TVs, 2 are curved , and 2 are flat Specifically the model number Vu (65) 163 cm Premium UHD SMART LED...
  3. T

    Sony 4K HDR TV or Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV

    I'm looking forward to buy a new television this new year and according to my budget, I've narrowed the search to these two models - Sony 43 X83D 4K HDR with Android TV or Samsung 43 UHD 4K Smart TV KU6470. I would like to know which would be better of the two as a whole. Also I'd like to hear...
  4. P

    4K TV Suggestion : Budget Limit 1.3L

    dear all, kindly suggest me a 4K UHD TV below 1.3L. If you have used 4K Monitor before please let me know your experience as well Budget : < 1.3L Display : UHD Size : 49" - 50" Thank You very much
  5. Dr. House

    Best UHD TV Under 75k INR

    1. Budget - 75k INR (Prefer Paytm for biggest cashback discount) 2. Display type and size - UHD TV Bigger is better but less than 50" 3. Primary use of TV - Movies 4. Ports Required - Smoothly can play all major formats via USB Hard Disk 5. Preferred choice of brand - Any brand with good...
  6. M

    Any Idea about 4K UHD TV from China ?

    Hi guys,i recently came across few 4k UHD TV models availability in China. They are available for decent or in fact at a very cheap price for its configuration. Companies like TCL , Hisense, Seiki etc. I would like to know from the experts here are they worth buying it now from China at this...
  7. sam_738844

    4K vs UHD

    Over the last year, the terms UHD and 4K have become so conflated that TV makers, broadcasters, and tech blogs are now using them interchangeably. Let me just say this now: 4K and UHD (Ultra HD) are not the same thing. Yes, as far as the consumer is concerned, there isn’t much of a practical...
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