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  1. Y

    BIG QUESTION about gaming rig

    MY current pc i5 3450 asrock z77 extreme4 sapphire 7850 gskill ripjaws x 8gb corsair force gt 120gb wd caviar green 2tb corsir gs 600 ok so now i want to upgrade my pc....i was thinking of crossfiring 7850 but i have gs600..some say it can handle some say it cant some say better be...
  2. sunny4691

    Want to Buy Corsair TX750, TX650, Etc.

    I will like to buy a good psu like Corsair TX750, TX650, HX620, etc. Brands like Seasonic, Antec, Tagan are also welcomed. No Cooler Master please ( Except CM UCP 900w). My budget is Rs 3500-4000+-. So guys if any of you will like to sell any of these PSUs please PM me all your offers.
  3. J

    A good TX750 or any good Powerfull PSU

    Hello Every One, Its urgent for my new Build to have a descent powersupply for my system. I dont have much money to buy a this. CORSAIR TX750 POWER SUPPLY (CMPSU-750TXUK) | eBay So looking for a used one thankx. A Gs800 will also do the job
  4. thunder.02dragon

    Corsair TX750 - 750Watts SMPS-Source_Kolkata

    Hi, I want to sell my PSU/SMPS which is Corsair TX750. This is a 750Watt 80+ Rated power supply. I have upgraded to HX850 so want to sell this off.. Interested buyer please PM me I have fixed price of 6000/- inclusive of Shipping(Shipping itself is 350/- +) So base price is just 5650/-...
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