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  1. C

    Advice on buying refillable cartridges 73/73N for Epson TX121

    Hi folks, I have been using Epson TX121 for over an year and mostly for taking few printouts per week. My problem is .. if i keep the printer idle for more than a week, i have to perform a nozzle clean and calibration of the printer which takes away around 35% of the ink. Since the original...
  2. G

    Inkjet MFD - Epson TX121 or L200

    I am planning to buy either epson TX 121 printer ( at 3.5K ) or Epson L200 (Rs. 10K). Although cost of L200 is high, actual print cost claims to be very low.( around 25 paise per page). Is this claim true ? Does any body has actual experience in using epson L200 ? Suggestion for any...
  3. ssdivisiongermany1933

    which one b/w hp 2050 v/s canon mp287 v/s epson tx121

    I have sorted three Low end MFD Hp 2050 , canon Mp287 and Epson TX121 , Iam confused between the three since there is not much difference but which is more reliable and economical in long run ..and in which I can use the CISS kit later ??? Advice would be surely very much helpful
  4. akash22

    Epson Stylus TX121

    I wanted to know how is this printer(Epson Stylus TX121 ) at this price range. guys do you have any other option at this price renge .am looking for just basic home usage and sometime for college colour assignments. so color prints will matter to me, so see guys that it should have good colour...
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