1. Chibi666

    Laptop Vertical Scanlines on Screen

    I have a Hp Omen 16-b0080TX (Win 11) and after playing CsGo and watching random youtube stuff . Then my monitor made This vertical Scanlines. I tried Uninstalling Monitor Drivers and Display Drivers then Restarting (still Didn't Work) I tried System Restore to 3 Days ago (when i know, no...
  2. D

    Graphic Card Fan Not Spinning

    Hello Everyone, From last two weeks I am facing frequent display shuttting down issue. When this happens all the other parts like CPU, Hard Disk, Cabinet Fans keeps on running. I have to shutdown pc for like 10 minutes and than when I start once again it works normally. Any heavy load shuts...
  3. AVSEQ

    Monitor turns off in about 30-45 seconds after system start, then keeps turning on/off

    Im getting this issue all on a sudden in my 4year old PC. After I start, the system boots as usual and proceeds to launch the OS. Monitor turns on after a single beep. However, it turns off after 30-45 seconds irrespective of the current state of the system (loading OS, prompting for password...
  4. izzikio_rage

    WD 1TB not detected - Troubleshoot or Replace?

    Hey everyone I have a WD 1TB internal HDD bought in sept'13. I was using it as an external drive with a transcend casing. Last night it suddenly stopped working and now does not get detected on any computer that I plug it to. It hangs the computer while it tries to read the drive and...
  5. sahil1033

    Problem in Micromax MMX 300C HSIA Modem

    I'm using BSNL EVDO on Micromax MMX 300C. What happened is the when the messages got full in the modem, i clicked on " delete all ". Now after that session, when I ran the PC Manager, a dialog box appeared saying " Unknown SMS error! Please check device and restart to try again. ". When I click...
  6. Thor

    Trouble with GoBackup Pro - New Version not recognizing the backup made by the older version

    Hello folks, Good day . I am in a bind . Here is the detail : Mail 1 to the Go Dev Team : 2nd Mail to them immediately Their Reply Arrgh ... My Reply ( 3rd Mail to them ) Well ... Can anyone help me here ... I lost a bunch of contacts and sms ...
  7. A

    Problem with ubuntu uploading

    Hi, all I am new to linux.Whenever i try to upload a file that is 35 mb approx.(i have slow net ) my browser get freezes .....not responding .What can i do troubleshoot this problem.There is no problem in my winxp with same connection.......plz help me. Regards ambika.
  8. hjpotter92

    Enabling Autoruns

    Well, my autorun has been disabled, and I couldn't find a solution to it in the MS Troubleshoot... So just put it here.
  9. J

    how to setup vnc viewer over an airtel broadband connection

    pls tell me how to configure a vnc viewer over a static ip address airtel broadband... becoz some of my friends needs assistance from me to troubleshoot their system, and it would be time saving for me to troubleshoot their system over the net from my system itself....:):p
  10. Sridhar_Rao

    Evolution mail - not sending mails

    I have been using evolution on Ubuntu for some time. Now it refuses to send / receive any email. In fact this button has been greyed (disabled). Please help me troubleshoot this.
  11. C

    Error window in MATLAB

    When I start MATLAB 7, the following error window appears , how to troubleshoot this error ?
  12. T


    I have Oracle 9i Database Server and yahoo msger installed on my Pc ----when i start my pc there is some error about the ONRSD.exe file of Oracle followed by yahoo msger not loaded during startup. Then when u say OK to both the errors the pc goes damn slow and regains normalcy only after 3-4...
  13. rajat22

    G-Mail attachment failure

    Whenever I want to attach some file with G-Mail, fails to attach any file with a following error message Troubleshoot at gmail did not help. Can anybody help?
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