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  1. R

    English to tamil dictionary

    Hey guys kind of weird query from me.. Leaving home for job.. Is there any software for pc and android(preferably) that translates English to tamil but using english text only not tamil. Thank full for everyone's reply
  2. rohan

    Pure hindi programming :P

    was bored and tinkering around with VS08.. and ended up with this: and well.. just so that you know.. this compiles perfectly with VS08 [and VS05 too] the source along with the executable is bundled along.. don't try running the exe file on ur standard console.. it's unicode output so...
  3. shariq_pj

    Need help buying Laptop...

    Hi guys... I need help in buyin a Laptop... My needs are: 1) For office use basically 2) A Little gaming is OK 3) Gigabit Ehernet 4) Wi-Fi 5) Provision to connect LCD Proj 6) A Quite decent battery life 7) Wide screen, preferably around 15" 8. Branded 9) DVD writer Last but...
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