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  1. P

    how to translate japanese print to english?

    i have a Japanese book about model making, tried various ways on the net to get it translated to english--so far no success. can anybody suggest me a way out?=pravin
  2. mannuforall

    UCWEB 6.2 English Version Translated-Updated 13-Nov-08

    Ucweb 6.2 java Eng-New Translated 99.99% Correct (by mannuforall) Hi this is the new java English versin ofUCWEB6.2, which I'm hopping completely better translated with translated shortcuts. Plz downloadand, put comments if any error you found. Original Post -...
  3. RCuber

    Disassembled iMac

    Whats inside the new iMac? Take a look your self :D These japaneese guys have disassembled most of the apple computer :shock: im just amazed how so much has been cramed into the sexy new iMac ;) The site is japanese but there is a translated version via bable Visit the site for other...
  4. V

    Windows Live Messenger Beta Invitations???

    Hi, After checking out the following pages I'm having the feeling that anyone being a beta tester can invite other people... http://www.activewin.com/awin/comments.asp?HeadlineIndex=32804&Group=1 http://winfuture.de/news,23476.html (Got it translated with Google Language Tools) Is it...
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