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  1. ax3

    Torrenting with or without VPN !!!

    hi, ppl r u torrenting with or without VPN ??? if yes which 1 ??? Thanx
  2. TheMost

    24X7 torrenting on android phone

    I have recently purchased a karbonn A25 android mobile for my younger brother . The phone is always at home and i have a wifi connection of 512 kbps .. I am planning to add a 16gb sd card and use that phone to download torrents 24X7 using ttorrent app,leaving it plugged to power supply. My wifi...
  3. cute.bandar

    Can't browse when torrenting.

    When I am torrenting then I can't browse even 1 page. This is the same across multiple Operating systems. Note that if I am downloading something viz http, then I can browse just fine. But with torrents , even a google search page takes a minute to load. I am on MTNL modem 512kbps...
  4. rook!e

    torrenting or pirating

    last time i'v been arguing with my ol' school geek friends about increasing no of torrent trackers,according to him torrenting is a piracy. what do you think guys?? :rolleyes:
  5. P

    torrenting blocked??

    I dont know whether torrenting can be blocked or not.... what i do is to connect internet thru a 100mbps lan thru a wifi adapter on a lappy. when i open azureus it shows 0 users. and if i open a torrent it doesn't show any donloading progress. Is there any way around?? can the administration...
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