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  1. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on a Blue Tooth Headset for Note2

    Friends I would need advise on a good blue tooth headset for my Galaxy Note2. Since I would be using it mostly when I drive bike and will be wearing helmet so the shape is important. Please help me!
  2. M

    bluetooth problem in hp pavilion g4

    hi frnds in my hp pavilion g4 laptop the option of blue tooth and wifi is available but when i try to on them(fn+f12) nthing is getting on not even a failure notification i tried opening wireless manager and on but the buttons are not active i tried with the help menu where it says go...
  3. ajayritik

    Unable to connect to PC using Nokia BH 505(Blue Tooth Headset)

    I had recently bought a blue tooth dongle so that I can connect my Nokia BH 505 Blue Tooth Headset to my PC. However when I try pairing or connecting the device I'm able to see the Nokia set in the devices but not able to listen to music on PC. If someone has any experience on connecting blue...
  4. ajayritik

    Suggest a blue tooth dongle

    I need a blue tooth dongle which is reliable. I have seen some in local shops and haven't heard the brand names before. One of them is Enter which I have heard about but very little. My laptop doesn't support blue tooth and I want to connect my Blue tooth Headset to it. Kindly advise.
  5. royal

    BT headset for Wave II

    Friends, Please help me choose a Bluetooth headset for using with mobile (Wave II and K810 currently). I do not have much idea regarding this, so please let me have your suggestions :razz: No idea, anyone? :-(:-( Nobody using blue tooth headset ?? :shock::shock:
  6. S

    which earphones for 5610??????

    hi guys i have a nokia 5610....... please suggest me a decent blue tooth head sets/ear phones < ear buds preferred>. and even some of the wired ones. and if possible please let me know the cost of the product. my budget is around 5k for a blue tooth 1 and 2k 4 the wired 1.
  7. S

    guys suggest me a good bluetooth Head sets

    hi guys i have a nokia 5610 cellphone..... please suggest me a decent blue tooth head sets/ear phones < ear buds preferred>. and even some of the wired ones. and if possible please let me know the cost of the product. and also please tell me a good blue tooth adapter (dongle) for my comp.
  8. P

    anybody tell me the price of moto blue tooth headset ht820

    Hi friends can you tell me current market price of motorola blue tooth headset ht820 And s9 And how about the music quality of that two with the se hpm 88
  9. rahul_u_know_me


    i am using my cell phone's blue tooth to connect to internet, is it true that using blue tooth a lot damages it. what should i use, my datacable or bluetooth......
  10. ajayritik

    Which is the best Blue tooth Headset available?

    I'm planning to buy a blue tooth headset for SE W 800i. Which would be the best blue tooth headset. I have heard about Jabra being good! If anyone of you have used the blue tooth headset please let me know the details.
  11. gmanog

    Blue Tooth Headset

    Hi guys, Please suggest a good Blue tooth Headset. I have been looking for it for the past one month, but now I am confused. I hope you guys will give a good suggestion.
  12. B

    help me to make a choice

    dear friends I want to buy a cell phone .My budget is arond 10to 12 k. I want a 2 megpixel camera and good quality audio video recording.I am not so keen on music or games.blue tooth usb should be there.can u compare n70 ,K750i and lg dynamite and help me to make a choice.I...
  13. A

    Talk via Bluetooth ?

    Hi, Please tell me ,is there any java software to talk between two BLUETOOTH enabled phone(via Blue Tooth) Thnx in advance
  14. K

    how to do lan on bluetooth?

    how to do lan lan on bluetooth? i have a compaq laptop with blue tooth and a pc with a blue tooth dongle i can discover the devises on each other, i even made a network access connection with config ip-, and in laptop and pc respectively now the comps show that the...
  15. mayneu


    i am using nokia 6630, for that i need a blue tooth device..... i need the price and location where its available. i am in bangalore... can any one tell me which is the best blue tooth device?
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