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  1. krates

    Fz16 153cc VS Apache rtr 160cc

    After this ****ing class 10th i will be getting a bike :D very happy :p now i am in a confusion which one to buy FZ16 vs Apache other bikes are welcome tooo (NO PULSAR :mad:) my height is 5.5 and weight is 60 kg :| so far i have used LML FREEDOM :( easily and FZ does not have kick...
  2. krates

    IE8 is better then FF3 till now

    Yup you heard it right microsoft is not sleeping now they have passed acid 2.0 test which FF3 HAS FAILED TOOO http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2007/12/20/ie8-passes-acid2-test-web-standards-project-dies-of-shock/ Thanks krates
  3. R

    Video editing

    Hi, I haev seen in some of the TV channels they show video albums. In which person will be in color and backgroudn wll be in balck and white, and many other effects tooo created,. Do anyone here know that which software used for that? please help me
  4. S

    .rar File....

    Can some one tell me...how to play a .rar file in the system.. (PC) not able to search software tooo.... please saran
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