1. A

    Does MSI has Service centers in India to repair Laptops?

    I need to tis because I am thinking of buying a laptop from MSI.
  2. I

    camera fone under 7k

    hello everybody i wanna get a new camera fone (must be minimum 3mp autofocus with gud flash and great video recording) along with 3g under 7k so after a long hunt i found sony ericcson c510. question is tat is tis fone gud in terms of java applications support?(like nokia) also does tis fone...
  3. G

    blue screen in my comp plz need help ty

    guys i have a problem in my comp i get a blue :shock:screen of death :evil:saying like tis plz see tis img i took wit my camera and i hav many times reinstalled xp and many times tightened my cables yeah ta problem gets solved when i tight ta cables near the hard disk. and i even brought a...
  4. cyber

    is anyone from vit (vellore institute)here???

    hi, iam going to take vit exams tis year.need tips.
  5. allthesethingsihavedone

    Me so sucky at Gimping :p

    :D Software Used: GIMP Source: Me ! Sample Images: :D:D:D Finaaaaal Image: PS: tis is my first try so it may look bad ;)
  6. shashanktyagi1

    nokia 6275

    is thr any way i can upload any new software in this phone..... also i made a mistake of buying a reliance phone although i use tata sim. why tis the phone sim dependant in the first place and any way to use net without replacingthe phone???????????
  7. P

    Virtual Drive In Vista

    virtual drives like alcohol do not work properly in vista tell me a solution to tis problem
  8. anurodhjindal

    want to send free sms

    I have searched a new link....for free sms... *theSMSzone.com/?ref=anurodhjin Try tis its s referral scheme
  9. H

    Hi anyone from chennai having knoppix??

    Can anybody from chennai donate me knoppix distro for free ... If so pm me or post here .. Dont comment on tis post :twisted:
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