1. K

    URGENT - budget 4k

    1. Budget? 3-4k(can be extended but cheaper and more reliable,the better) 2. Display type and size? any 3. Dual sim? not needed as such 4. Preferred choice of brand? tier 1 brands or high quality tier 2 ones 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? not a priority 6...
  2. A

    for class 12th pcm group, engineering aspiring students.........(quality of an engineering college)

    whenever a student in india from physics, chemistry, maths group passes his class 12th then, many of the students give the engineering entrance exams..........there are the conclusions in life, which you expect to have matured at, some time earlier in your life. one is such a discussion relating...
  3. Nemes!s

    UK immigration cap on tier 1: good or bad ?

    I was planning to apply for UK tier 1(HSMP) visa this feb 2011 but now the UK Border Agency had stopped taking applications by stating the reason that the qouta is full.:-x Now my Plans are Ruined :cry: What you people think about this move ? source UK Visa Information - News Page
  4. M

    3 tier architecture cookie management

    I am new in asp.net development and I am having problem in implementing the 3 tier in it, actually I am facing problem that I am not able to understand the management of session i.e. I don't able to understand that where can I use session in presentation layer or in business or data layer-please...
  5. M

    asp.net 3 tier architecture help

    Hi, I have learned asp.net recently and I wonder how to create 3 tier architecture in asp.net I have asked few persons they told me that I need to add a project inside another project to develop different layers...please help me to understand and develop the project in 3 tier architecture.
  6. S

    Guide for Buying a new PSU (SMPS)

    Hi all, I have been seeing posts & threads asking for which PSU to buy for their systems. Well, I have got some information I wanted to share regarding this so you make a good choice in choosing the PSU since it is the heart of any configuration. Make sure you choose the best ones else you...
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