1. S

    Dynamic prices of airline tickets.

    Hi, I am a final year student of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, and I will be extremely grateful if you can please spare 2 minutes of your time and fill this questionnaire regarding dynamic pricing of airline tickets. It is for a very important project in my curriculum...
  2. V

    Book train tickets through mobile from July 1

    Source - The Hindu
  3. T

    Micromax Funbook

    Hi... Can we use Gmail, hotmail and yahoomail in micromax? Also can we book tickets (movie tickets or irctc)? Will it work in all data cards? Can anyone help me with this?
  4. desai_amogh

    Questions re railway tickets

    Hi, Im trying to book railway tickets from Pune to coimbatore on 26th May 2012, preferable Kanyakumari Express. For tatkal booking, wt this moment I get an error "The Dates given were outside ARP" so iu beilive i can book tickets at 8AM in the morning on 25th May. Question is, if my...
  5. theserpent

    Flipkart Now sells Movie tickets.

    Hey Flipkart has started to sell movie tickets.With option of COD.In select citys Flipkart Tickets [/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  6. M

    Indian F1 Tickets - Practice / Qualifying

    Got these Indian F1 tickets which I can provide - Day 1: Practice - Rs. 1,000/ticket No. of Tickets - 10 Stand - Classic Stand 1 East Car Park Ticket - 2 Nos. - Rs. 500 each Day 2: Practice / Qualifying - Rs. 1,500/ticket No. Of Tickets - 5...
  7. D

    money lost during online transaction i booked two tickets online...went forward to make the payment using my SBI debit card...filled out the details & then clicked on PAY...the page started loading but after about 5 mins it returned an error...some sort of fatal error saying the transaction failed...then i received an...
  8. NucleusKore

    Dead US man gets parking tickets

    Source: * Officials in New York have found the decomposing body of a man inside a van parked for weeks beneath a busy highway overpass, gathering parking tickets. The city's medical examiner said George Morales, 59, had died naturally of heart...
  9. sravan

    Ticket booking software

    I want to book tickets in aarvy automatically.Is there any software that can book tickets for specified movie whenever the tickets are available?
  10. RCuber

    Hurray.. I got tickets for the match

    Surprise from my brother he got me two tickets from tomrrows India vs Auz match :D .. he tried for the 1000 bucks ticket but got only 200 bucks ticket... who cares I got the ticket :D ... me and my friend going ;) . Who else got the ticket? :D
  11. 24online

    Start Download from Rapidshare(without countdown) ... Now....

    5. Apr. 2007 RapidShare wishes you a Happy Easter! During the holidays the countdown for download tickets is deactivated. Free users can directly enter the security code (captcha). :p
  12. F

    Can Any Body Help Me Regarding Rapidshare?

    HEY HELLO EVERYBODY, can anyone plz tell me hw can i download from rapidshare without waiting for tickets to be reseerved. any spl trick or so.
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