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  1. S

    Does paypal report you??

    Does paypal report the amount of money you got through paypal to governement officials. I heard there is a threshold value above which they report you. Is that true??
  2. Moy

    Need help

    My system has a peculiar problem...when the cpu temperature goes above 63 degree cent.(at even 95% load) the system shuts down with a BSD. I know my motherboard has an overheating protection but the threshold temp. is not 63deg c. What should I do? How to change the threshold temp. ? Should I...
  3. D

    HDD issue of Lenovo Laptop

    hdd of my laptop was ok, but recently windows detected some error on hdd. with diskcheckup utility it is saying: reallocated sector count status: fail value 140 worst 140 threshold 140 raw value 478 predicted tec date n.a. any help? hdd is out of warranty...
  4. spynic

    Max Threshold temp for GPU

    wts the max threshold temp for a GPU im runnin a 8600GT i hit a max of 84C today
  5. B


    I am having a hdd problem from few days On startup it says "SMART THRESHOLD EXCEEDS" Press F1 to continue Is there any way i can get rid of this and get my perfect hdd back. I know you can help b'coz u only got back my old hdd that had Bad sectors after your advice of low level...
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