1. CadCrazy

    Theora 1.0 Video Codec Released

    The Xiph.Org Foundation has announced the 1.0 release of the Theora video codec. This leading free software video codec is free of patents and any royalties. As another win for open standards, Theora 1.0 will be integrated with full support into future releases of the Mozilla Firefox and Opera...
  2. D

    Best Codec For Mobile Videos

    My point is that using avi is useless as the audio quality goes away ! if i use mpeg-4 alongwith aac lc 20-30 kbps the size is less and sound better than avi's-mp3 . however i wanna know 1. is ogg theora (vp30 modified) better than mpeg video codec at same lower bitrate ? 2. how can i...
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