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  1. ajaybc

    Where is the "www"

    I know that www=World Wide Web.But y r some sites like rapidshare.de,songs.pk,bux.to etc. not having that www in front of them.What is the significance of this www.:confused:
  2. A

    doubt with dataone usage

    hi ppl, plz help me.. my friend gave me his username and pw . i need to use it from my pc. when i type in the username and pw as admin the site s not accepting them.what should i do?? how do i do it. and moreover i m not able to access ay of my mail accounts (yahoo,gmail,okut even) wat do i...
  3. K

    How to install a new program in Red Hat Linux?

    Hi, recently I added RHL 9.0 to one of my partition.I have some LINUX programs in cd's of digit.But to install them I can't find any installer as such in windows.But in those files(files of the linux programs) I was asked to compile them.What is this compiling and how to do it by an...
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