1. KDroid

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Arguably the most awaited film of the year. :thumbs: Releasing: July 20th 2012 :hyper: :clap2: Teaser Trailer z5Humz3ONgk Trailer 2 IJ0l_tN6KN0 Trailer 3 g8evyE9TuYk TV Spots _o4eeDDN_zA zN9KhqQgAec jZgS47ZRsiE Prologue (This was screened in theatres during MI4)...
  2. Ihatemyself

    Hello -movie based on Chena Bhagats novel Most of us must be knowing that hello-a movie based on chetan bhagats one night at the call centre will soon be in theatres .But do u think the storyline will be a little different ..Any where would u like it to be different?
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