1. B

    How to improve technorati rank

    I am having a blog and have joined technorati but still I don't knoe how to improve our rank. Please tell me.
  2. saurabh.sauron

    Pinging Technorati

    if u update ur blog, how do u inform technorati about it being updated? in technorati, this information was there :- Log in to your WordPress weblog. Select "Options" from the top menu. Select "Writing" from the sub-menu. The last option on the page is "Update Services."...
  3. J

    Bunny's Technorati tags

    Bunny's Technorati Tags is a plugin for Wordpress. The plugin indexes our tags in Technorati. This plugin used to work fine for me. But now I noticed that my site is not being indexed by Technorati. I think the problem started when I upgraded to Wordpress 2.0 Any solutions? :(
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