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  1. P

    How to edit "Quote of the day"

    Please tell me how to edit the "quotes" of quote of the day service in simple TCP services in windows XP.
  2. R

    Info about UDP and TCP required

    Hi Can anyone please tell me about UDP and TCP? Or is there a tutorial available on this board or somewhere. If possible does someone have a C or C++ code for UDP/TCP that they can provide. Thanks
  3. E

    Is this virus or spyware or normal behavior??

    When I connect thru my Win2k machine on a dial-up to the net, the amount of data sent is considerably higher than that what is recieved. Like if I am normally surfing the net then the amount of bytes sent should be less than what is recved. But I am not able to judge if this is normal or not...
  4. Charley

    Downloading movies in seconds

    An internet connection so fast it will allow whole movies to be downloaded in just five seconds could soon be a reality. Scientists in the US have developed a system called Fast TCP that promises to be 6,000 times faster than today's broadband links. A key feature of Fast TCP is that it could...
  5. P

    virus in my server..!! norton corporet not find ..???

    Dear friedns In my server 2000 have norton corporet 7.5 wtih latest update...!! but i can not fine virus in my server when i sacn scan ..!! but my e-comm internet provider told me that in your server virus is there..!! they told me formet the server but in server so many setting is...
  6. fanatic

    ISP always connected

    I have Windows XP, Raspppoe Over Ethernet Cable internet. Suppose this is my ipaddress of my isp : Now this dude is always connected to my computer Whereas on my friend's pc, this isnt the case. Heres how i found it out: When i enter NETSTAT command this is what it...
  7. A

    Quickly find all the listening or open ports on you computer

    Usually, if you want to see all the used and listening ports on your computer, you'd use the NETSTAT command. Note: The NETSTAT command will show you whatever ports are open or in use, but it is NOT a port scanning tool! If you want to have your computer scanned for open ports see this page...
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