1. dashing.sujay

    IRCTC improved, finally !

    Well, how quick do you remember booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC ? Been booking for years, I get to book every now and then a tatkal ticket, every week (coincidentally), so my experience said anything below 10:10 was very good; luck was on your side. But yesterday, I booked one at 10:05. Saw...
  2. desai_amogh

    Questions re railway tickets

    Hi, Im trying to book railway tickets from Pune to coimbatore on 26th May 2012, preferable Kanyakumari Express. For tatkal booking, wt this moment I get an error "The Dates given were outside ARP" so iu beilive i can book tickets at 8AM in the morning on 25th May. Question is, if my...
  3. G

    Passport and Visa related queries and experiences

    Passport How to apply passport the new way? Passport Seva Project The process- The Faq's Faq Where can you apply? Locate PSK What are the charges? Charges What are the documents required? Documents Required My Experience- It was pretty simple and very...
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