1. Allu Azad

    Google Removes Vital Privacy Feature From Android, Claiming Its Release Was Accidental

  2. bssunilreddy

    AdSense account getting disabled due to suspicious activity in my account...!!!

    Hai guys, I made a South Indian Culinary blog via google's Blogger and signed in the Adsense account which said that they will approve of my blog after 10 days and then when I returned to check my AdSense status it says that it has deactivated my account. Reason: Due to suspicious activity...
  3. A

    hard disk problem...

    i recently started getting this message every 5- 10 mins..... have never seen anything like this so its kinda suspicious..... is it really a windows message??
  4. vasulic

    How to remove "mshta.exe"?

    what the hell is meant by "mshta.exe contains suspicious scripting activity"? whenever i go to "user accounts" in control panel and click on "change the way user log on or off" - my anti virus(McAfee) prompts this message ("mshta.exe contains suspicious scripting activity"?) what should i...
  5. anomit

    Suspicious registry key

    I noticed a suspicious looking registry key: HKLM/SOFTWARE/MICROSFT/Tracing What is this supposed to do? Also some weird files like dot.exe are getting installed on my comp when I connect to internet. What are these?
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