1. Arun the Gr8

    Karaokes of the songs i sung :)

    I have uploaded the karaokes of the songs i sung. The request for the karaoke of Time of Your Life was doe by 3l3ctr1c, so i decided to upload them all. I hope these files wont be misused. Here are the uploads: Somebody's Me Hey There Delilah Time of Your Life Glad that i could of...
  2. Faun

    Enlist some good songs by Shaan

    Its been a long time since I listened to Shaan. So if you guys know some cool songs sung by him recently then do list them. I want to revive my Shaan fever once again. Thanks
  3. chicha

    song sung backwards!!!

    there are so many songs which "ppl" say have totally diff meaning if they are sung backwards. hotel california, to name a few. what is all this? any one here agree. please shed some light on this. i am really intrested in stuff like these. starcase to heaven sung backwards
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