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  1. A

    why Plasma Sales are falling compared to LCD?

    Plasma is said to be great technology, unrivaled picture clarity, colors, blacks, viewing angles. Besides all this, its price also seems to be lower but then why its suffering with low sales? why big companies have abandoned it? the only major problem is burn in.
  2. Charley

    Laptops/Netbooks/Tablet PC for my Physically Disabled Cousin

    I am looking at options to buy any of the above for my cousin who is a disabled person suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. Price should be reasonable. Any suggestion
  3. Mohnishgs

    vista suffering from insomnia???

    whenever i try to put vista into sleep mode, it goes into sleep and as soon as the hdd light goes off the pc comes out of sleep immediately, what do i do???
  4. s18000rpm

    US Air Force Sponsored Games - FREE

    Get Area 51, The Suffering and Rise & Fall Civilizations at War completely free of charge. Air Force Sponsored Games The Suffering Rise & Fall : Civilizations at War Area 51
  5. Faun

    The Suffering Free Full Game

    The Suffering is the first game of its kind to probe into the very unsettling and seedy underbelly of a maximum-security penitentiary haunted by horrific and grotesque apparitions, represented by the unique and disturbing executions that previously befell them. Gamers take on the role of Torque...
  6. sujithtom

    FlopShow for floppy users..

    This isn't an advertistment but I liked this program very much. For those of you who still sticks to floppies and are suffering data loss can use this. This program can recover files from damaged floppies sector-by-sector!!!
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