1. T

    sms spoof

    guys can any one tell me what is sms faking or spoofing where can i get more info about it
  2. T

    sms spoof

    hi guys i want to know what is sms spoofing and how can i use it
  3. koolbluez

    This BIG DOG is spooky!!!

    One of the most amazing Youtube tech videos I ever saw. Period. BigDog is Boston Dynamics' incredible donkdroid (I'm the first one to use this word! yippie!) which defies belief! If u already watched the video, read on. Else, watch, gather ur senses & the come back. I'm serious! . ...
  4. MetalheadGautham

    Spoof Articles!

    I thought we can have fun testing our satirical literary skills by writing Spoof articles that look convincing, and are written in a formal manner, but its obvious that they are spoof. So I decided to start a thread where I publish my spoof articles. Please comment on them, and if you want, you...
  5. J

    Hardware so cheap is it true??

    Guys found this thread is it true or wht??? Looks like a spoof!!! Chk the lappy prices!! Heaven lol!! *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/showthread.php?t=62686
  6. S

    MAC vs PC spoof

    The IT Guy: Mac vs. PC 01 May 2007 | Amy Kucharik
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