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Spoof Articles!

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I thought we can have fun testing our satirical literary skills by writing Spoof articles that look convincing, and are written in a formal manner, but its obvious that they are spoof. So I decided to start a thread where I publish my spoof articles. Please comment on them, and if you want, you can join me.

Here is an example:

Apple To Turn Vegetarian!

Apple decided to ban non-vegetarian employees from its company, because CEO Steve Jobs beleives that a company needs to live upto its name. Apple hence must be full of vegetarians only. He said he did this to improve their image in veg majority countries like India, which has a huge market for their Macintosh range of computing hardware.
"I have also decided to give free apple wine with iPods, which have hardly managed to make their presence felt. Nobody even knows they exist. Many people call PMPs Zunes. I wish iPods had the same following. With the new Apple Wine, made from apples grown specially in the Sahara Desert, we are sure to attract lots of customers."
What about the, I am sorry to say, rather ugly looks of your computers? To this question of one of our press members, he replied "Well, we would rather have functionality than eyecandy."
We wished the company best of luck in making the iPods compete well with Zunes, as well as to kill the already dying PC market.
"But there is PS/2, said Mr. Jobs. I think IBM's new venture is already grabbing our markets. They sell like hot cakes."
In the end, with a full tour of their research facility located in Car Nicobar, we were treated to delicius Apple Salads and icecreams. Apple sure dies know how to cook!


here is another one:

Apple Hieres Richard Stallman!

Everyone's favourite GNU hero Rich Stallman recently accepted an offer to work for apple. He has shocked the world with this action. "Well, MAC OS X is based on FreeBSD, which is OSS. So I thought we at the foss community owe a lot to these guys who make UNIX proud. I will be incharge of the team to develop MAC OS XI, the new ultra cool OS based on some GNU, Linux code as well. I had a very good time with apple. The women employees there ensure that I won't ever quit apple" he smiles sheepishly. "What then caused angry reactions from the FOSS community, our corrospondent, Sonia Gandhi asked. "Well, they wanted the Job Jobs offered me. They were like, how could you do this to us? We too want work in apple. I told them let them ask Jobs then. This made everyone, especially Linus very angry."
(full article can be found at Apple.com and GNU.org)
-AFP(special corrospondent Sonia Gandhi)



Weird!....why do u waste time like dat....no offence....u cud rit fiction....start wid short ones.....then progress gradually....one day u can become Dan Brown of India!
actually, these are just intended as PJs... a responce to the create rumours thread:D

now that this thread is going bonkers, I might as well ignore it.


Popular tech magazine clicks its way to glory

Popular Indian tech magazine Digit has literally clicked its way to glory in an online survey for the best technology magazine in the world. Software & Information Industry Association in association with Market Survey Agency conducted this huge survey comprising more than 4 million respondents. Nearly 48% of the participants voted Digit as the best tech magazine which keeps them updated in this fast-paced digital world.
Digit is a technology magazine published by Jasubhai Digital Media Private Ltd. over the last 6 years. True to its tagline, Digit has proved to be a technology navigator to the common masses. Its also well known that the magazines online forum is an immensely popular site, and has thousands of visitors each day. Representatives from JDM were not immediately available for comment.
- Reuters
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